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Since 1972, Western Management Group has been a global leader in the design, development and conduct of compensation surveys. Our practice is dedicated towards providing timely, valid and accurate market data to compensation professionals through the use of state-of-the-art tools and analyses.

We have conducted specialized surveys and studies for over 15,000 global organizations in a wide variety of industries including high technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, financial services, retail, consumer products, media and advertising, entertainment, agricultural, and educational institutions.

Recognized for our innovation, flexibility, and expertise, we offer a full range of surveys for companies seeking the best information available for developing and managing employee compensation in an ever-changing marketplace.

WMG's Corporate Headquarters is located in Los Gatos, California, and our EMEA Headquarters are near Nice, France.  We regularly conduct surveys that cover the United States and Europe, and have performed projects on a global basis as well.

US: +1 408 399 4900
France: +33 (0)4 93 77 08 28


DataCentral® is the online report design and generation service WMG offers to participants in our compensation surveys.  It is available to subscribers only, on a 24/7 basis, from any location with internet access.  DataCentral subscriptions offer a full spectrum of options, whether you only need to download the Standard Report (.XLS and .PDF) or run complex Custom Report Selections and generate reports of your own design.  Each subscription level is for a Full Year of access.

Preview DataCentral

As a DataCentral subscriber, you have a wide choice of options in defining the data you want to include in your analysis reports.  In addition you can now access select survey reports on your iPhone/iPad with our new DataMobile app.

Available in the App Store 

DataCentral offers subscribers UNLIMITED report generation capability, in which you can run reports against the entire survey database, or zero in on any sub-sample of your choosing.  If the cut you've selected turns out to be too restrictive, simply modify your selections and re-run at no additional cost. 

Reports can be customized using criteria such as:

• Companies to Include

• Size of Company by Revenue 

• Size of Company by Employment 

• Specific Jobs 

• Geographic / Major Metropolitan Areas 

• Industry / Product Sector

• And more, based on data elements / scoping factors collected for each survey.

You can produce reports in .pdf format or as uploadable Excel files. And, you can specify which data elements you want to include in your reports.

For data confidentiality and validity purposes, results are displayed only for jobs to which a minimum of five survey participants have reported data, and no company data is allowed to represent more than one-third of the results for any single position. 

Click here to access DataCentral now. If you have any questions, please call our office at +1 408 399 4900, or email info@wmgnet.com.


PolicyCentral® is our FREE online service that collects and analyzes compensation- and benefits-related policy and practices information. This is your easy-access source for policy issues such as Merit Increase Budgets, Salary Structure Adjustments, Automobile Policy, Bonus Plans, Employee Benefit Plans and more. 

PolicyCentral is available FREE of charge, whether or not you participate in our compensation surveys. 

New participants register here  

PolicyCentral is a secure, protected database, with credentialed access only. Well over 100 topics are included.  Once you enter your own data on any topic, you can generate a report for that topic.

Once your information is in PolicyCentral, you only need to review and update your changes annually. All of your previous data is retained for modification.  Even if you participate in multiple WMG compensation surveys, you only need to enter/update each PolicyCentral topic once annually.  We understand that it may represent an investment of your time to enter your company data the first time, but once your data is in, updating it next year won’t take as nearly as long.

You can customize your PolicyCentral reports by selecting specific companies, business segments, geographic areas, and more. You can also receive reports in colorful graphics and downloadable spreadsheet format – all free of charge.

The confidentiality of your data is protected, as no PolicyCentral report will display results unless at least 5 organizations are represented.

Click here to access PolicyCentral now. If you have any questions, please call our office at +1 408 399 4900, or email policycentral@wmgnet.com.

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