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PolicyCentral is available FREE of charge, whether or not you participate in our compensation surveys. 



PolicyCentral is our FREE online service that collects and analyzes compensation and benefits related policy and practice information. This is your easy-access source for policy issues such as Merit Increase Budgets, Salary Structure Adjustments, Automobile Policy, Bonus Plans, Employee Benefit Plans and more.  Available FREE of charge, whether or not you participate in our compensation surveys.   Complete the form to the left to register for access.

Once you submit your policy information into PolicyCentral, you only need to review and update your changes annually. All of your previous data is retained for modification. If you participate in multiple WMG compensation surveys, you only need to enter/update each PolicyCentral topic once annually. Once your data is in, updating it is a breeze.

Custom Reporting

You can customize your PolicyCentral reports by selecting specific companies, business segments, geographic areas, and more. You can also receive reports in colorful graphics as well as tabular format – all free of charge. 

The confidentiality of your data is protected, as no PolicyCentral report will display results unless at least 5 organizations are represented on any topic report. 

Topics Covered

Well over 100 topics are included, with dedicated sections for international locations. Once you enter your own data on any topic, you can generate a report for that topic.

CORE TOPICS - These cover the most popular and requested topics
Pay Increase Budgets & Salary Adjustments
Cost of Employee Benefits as a Percentage of Payroll
Employment Turnover/Reduction In Force (RIF)
Individual Performance Bonus (Excluding Sales Positions)
Insurance: Health & Medical
Paid Personal Time Off - PPTO
Paid Sick Leave
Paid Vacation
Pay Increase Plan Design
Retirement: Defined Contribution Plans (401(k) Type Plans)

Pay Programs
Bonuses: Hire-On
Geographic Pay Differentials
Group / Unit Performance
Lead Premium
Lump Sum Payment in Lieu of Merit
On-Call / Stand-By Pay: Call-In Pay
On-Call / Stand-By Pay: Holidays
On-Call / Stand-By Pay: Monday - Friday
On-Call / Stand-By Pay: Saturday
On-Call / Stand-By Pay: Sunday
Paid Overtime
Pay Administration Methods
Pay Increases: Merit Plans & Budgets
Pay Increases: General / COLA Plans & Budgets
Pay Increases: Promotion Plans & Budgets
Pay Programs: Critical Function / Hot Skills
Pay Range: Percent Change
Pay Range: Methods & Policies
Performance Evaluation & Appraisal
Profit Sharing
Retention Bonus
Sales Incentive Plans
Shift Differential: 2nd Shift / Swing
Shift Differential: 3rd Shift / Graveyard
Shift Differential: Pay Eligibility
Weekend Work Premium

Benefit Programs
Accidental Death & Dismemberment - (AD&D)
Airline Club Membership
Charitable Contribution Match Program
Child Care Program
Employee Assistance / Counseling
Employee Product / Service Discounts
Executive Perquisites
Financial Planning Services
Fitness and Health Center
Group Life
Holiday Schedule
Jury Duty Pay
Legal Services
Life Insurance: Business Travel
Long Term Disability - (LTD)
Maternity Leave
Military / Reserve Duty Leave
Part-Time Employees
Retirement: Defined Benefit Plan (Pension Plan)
Retirement: Retiree Insurance Benefits
Sabbatical Leave
Severance Pay
Short Term Disability - (STD)
Tuition Reimbursement

Automobile Programs
All Positions (Excluding Sales and Service)
Mileage Reimbursement
Sales Positions
Service Positions

College Programs
College Programs: Student Intern/Co-Operative
New Graduates: Perquisites
New Graduates: Starting Offers

Long Term Incentive Programs
Appreciation Based
Cash Based
Full Value
Stock Purchase

Work Schedules
Flex Time
Telecommuting & Job Sharing
Work Week Schedules: 4 / 10 / 40
Work Week Schedules: 9 / 80 Bi-Weekly
Work Week Schedules: 3 / 12 / 36

Government Contractors - Specific Industry Related Topics
Cash-in-Lieu (CIL) for Service Contract Act (SCA) Employee
Clothing Allowance
Completion Bonus
Danger Pay Allowance
Extended Work Week In Hostile Working Environments
Foreign Service - Trips Home
Foreign Service Allowance
Hardship Differential
Housing Allowance
Meal Allowance
Rest and Relaxation Allowance
Security Clearances: Hire-On Bonus
Security Clearances: Premiums
Security Clearances: Stock Options
Sign-On Bonus
Temporary U.S. Remote Site Differential

Wine Industry - Specific Industry Related Topics
Tasting Room Commission/Incentive Pay Practices
Wine Club Commission/Incentive Pay Practices