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20 April 2020

2020 Survey Materials Available
21 November 2019

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19 July 2019

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17 July 2018

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The Sales and Service Compensation Survey is conducted annually.  Collecting U.S. data for key Sales and Service positions in the Consumer Products, High Technology, Commercial and Media industries. Jobs include sales forces selling products and services directly to end-users or retailers, business to business, or indirectly through channels.  In addition, sales forces selling ad space to the on-line internet sector and the traditional advertising sectors are also included.

Participants will have access to results representing the full database and also broken out into the various industries: Consumer Products, High Technology, Media, and Other.  

This survey covers Total Cash Compensation in the form of Actual Earned and Targeted Base Pay, Sales Incentives, and Non-Sales Variable Pay for the previous and current sales plan years.

194 companies participated in 2019 submitting data for over 61,000 Sales, Sales Management, Service, and Support employees.     

Key Features

  • Collects data for Sales and Service jobs in the Consumer Products, High Technology, Commercial, and Media industries
  • Previous Year Total Targeted and Total Actual Cash Compensation as well as Current Year Total Targeted Cash Compensation is collected
  • Geographic breakouts of data for major regions, state, and over 100 major metropolitan areas throughout the country
  • Industry, Product and Revenue Level breakouts
  • 194 participants were included in the 2019 results
  • 120 key benchmark jobs, each with detailed job descriptions, and consistent leveling methodologies

New This Year

Effective Date of Annual Base Salary will be as of 1 January 2020

Please refer to the survey Input Instructions for a full list of updated and revised survey content.

Survey Schedule

December 2019
1 January 2020
15 April 2020
July 2020
Distribution of Input Materials
Effective Date of Annual Base Salary
Deadline for Submission of Data Earn a $100 discount for submitting on-time!
Results Available for Participants via DataCentral®

Survey Fees

All survey results are delivered via our DataCentral® online survey report tool. You have YEAR ROUND access to both the Standard Report which includes data from ALL participants on ALL jobs, and Custom Report where you can create your own report selections based on your choice of companies, industry, product sectors, geographies, revenue, etc. With the Custom Report you have complete control of the complexity of analyses, comparisons, and customization of results from the survey database, and you can run an unlimited number of reports to satisfy your needs on a 24x7 basis. All results are provided in both PDF and XLS Formats, including uploadable XLS versions.

DataCentral® Access
Provides BOTH Standard and Custom Report Access               $ 1,700
Hard Copy of Standard Report (in addition to the fee above)   $ 250

Survey Discounts

We firmly believe in rewarding our survey participants for helping to make our surveys better. You can earn significant discounts this year!

$ 100   On-Time Discount if you submit your data by 15 April 2020 (Discount Extended to 30 May 2020)
$ 250   Previous Participant Discount for all 2019 Sales & Service Survey Participants
$ 500   New Participant Referral Discount for each new participant you refer – PLUS the company you refer also receives this discount!

Participants are invoiced when we receive their input to the survey. All applicable discounts are applied at that time.

Survey Results and Samples - DataCentral®

There are two levels of results access available depending on your needs…whether you only need the Standard Report in PDF or XLS format covering ALL of the participants and ALL of the jobs, or Custom Report access which provides complex reporting “drill-down” capabilities.  Regardless of the level chosen, all participants will receive a FULL YEAR of 24x7 access to DataCentral® to download your reports online, or run unlimited Custom Reports and get immediate results. Both levels described below will provide the analyses in both PDF and XLS Formats.

Download the full survey Standard Report which contains ALL data from ALL participants.  Your data is included in the computation of job data statistics and totals.  Available in both Adobe Acrobat.pdf and Excel.xls formats, at no additional cost. 

  • Job Descriptions:  Uploadable job descriptions in Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat are also provided at no additional cost.
  • Summary Report:  Displays a line of data for each job, including basic statistics such as:
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Base Pay 
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Sales Incentive
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Non-Sales Variable Pay
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Total Compensation
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies

View a sample of the Summary Report

  • Detail Report:  Provides a full page of data analysis for each job, including statistics on each pay element such as:
90th, 75th, 50th, 25th 10th Percentiles 
Number of Employees Reported 
Employee Weighted Average 
Number of Companies 
Company Weighted Average
Earnings Mix: Showing Base and Sales Incentive as a percentage of Total Cash 
Prevalence and Impact Statistics and Analysis for various Pay Elements

View a sample of the Detail Report

  • Breakout Report:  Includes Employee Weighted Average or Median pay data for each job broken out by Industry, Product Sector, Geographic Area, Revenue and Job Focus.
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Base Pay 
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Sales Incentive
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Non-Sales Variable Pay
Average or Median Actual and Targeted Total Compensation
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies 

View a sample of the Breakout Report
  • Uploadable Excel Report:  Provides a job-by-job spreadsheet report with all of the major statistics and pay elements laid out in a readily uploadable format for third party analysis software.
The Custom Report Option offers detailed and full customized reporting capability.  Ideal for participants who need reports based on a selected set of participants or to meet specific scoping criteria.  You have complete control and flexibility in defining your own reports to include the pay elements and statistics you require.

Company Selections
Company Size by Revenue or Employment
Industry and Product Category
Geographic Area: Region/State/Metro Area
Data Elements and Statistics Calculations
Custom Percentiles
Standard Deviations
Weighted and Simple Averages
Data Aging
And much more!

Includes all of the above reports from the Standard level PLUS

  • Uploadable Excel Breakout Report:  Similar to the Uploadable Excel Report above, PLUS adds the ability to split the results into categories such as Geography, Product, or Revenue, etc.
  • Market Comparison Report:  Provides a tabular and graphic comparison of your own company data to that of your selected market. An easy way to show competitive standing of your company.
View a sample of the Market Comparison Report

For a live demonstration of the power, flexibility and capabilities of DataCentral go to and scroll down to ”Our Features” under “DataCentral” and click on “Take a Test Drive”, or call Soo Lee at +1 408 660 3272 for additional guidance.

Recent Key Participants - 2019

Black & Veatch
Cox Communications
Danaher - Beckman Coulter - Diagnostics
Danaher - Beckman Coulter - Life Sciences
Danaher - Cepheid
Danaher - Esko
Danaher - Hach
Danaher - HemoCue
Danaher - IDT
Danaher - Implant Direct
Danaher - KaVo
Danaher - Kerr
Danaher - Leica Biosystems
Danaher - Leica Microsystems
Danaher - McCrometer
Danaher - Molecular Devices
Danaher - Nobel Biocare
Danaher - Ormco
Danaher - Pall
Danaher - Radiometer
Danaher - Sciex
Danaher - TAS
Danaher - Trojan Technologies
Danaher - Videojet
Danaher - X-Rite
DataBank Holdings
First Solar
Honeywell International
International Data Group
Johnson Controls International
Physical Electronics USA
Pitney Bowes
Stanley Security
Tech Data
T-Mobile USA
U.S. Cellular
Verizon Communications
Altria Group
American Greetings
Anheuser-Busch Craft Brewing
Blue Diamond Growers
Del Monte Foods
Delicato Family Vineyards
E. & J. Gallo Winery
Estee Lauder Companies
Fiskars Brands
FKA Distributing
Hallmark Cards
L'Oreal USA
Mars North America
Maui Jim
Nestle USA
RAI Services
Schwan's Company
TaylorMade adidas Golf
The Nature's Bounty Company
The Wine Group
Vivint Solar
COMMERCIAL INDUSTRY PARTICIPANTS (Typically sells business to business products and services)  
Agri Beef
Aramark Uniform Services
Black & Veatch
Clean Harbors
Gerdau Ameristeel
Henry Schein
Lennox International
Penske Truck Leasing
Rio Tinto Shared Services
Ryder System
Waste Management
Charter Communications
Cox Communications
E.W. Scripps
Eye Corp Media
Harvard Business Publishing
International Data Group
Sage Publishing
Washington Post

Survey Job Coverage




Field Sales Representative 1
Field Sales Representative 2
Field Sales Representative 3
Field Sales Representative 4
Field Sales Representative 5
Sales Manager 1A (Selling)
Sales Manager 1B (Non-Selling)
Sales Manager 2
Sales Manager 3
Sales Manager 4
Key Accounts Sales Representative 3
Key Accounts Sales Representative 4
Key Accounts Sales Representative 5
Key Accounts Sales Manager 1
Key Accounts Sales Manager 2
Key Accounts Sales Manager 3
Key Accounts Sales Manager 4
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Representative 3
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Representative 4
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Representative 5
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Manager 1
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Manager 2
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Manager 3
Largest Strategic Accounts Sales Manager 4


Product Specialist Sales Representative 1
Product Specialist Sales Representative 2
Product Specialist Sales Representative 3
Product Specialist Sales Representative 4
Product Specialist Sales Representative 5
Product Specialist Sales Manager 1
Product Specialist Sales Manager 2
Product Specialist Sales Manager 3


Retail Account Manager


Customer Success Manager


Government Sales Representative 1
Government Sales Representative 2
Government Sales Representative 3
Government Sales Representative 4
Government Sales Representative 5
Government Sales Manager 1
Government Sales Manager 2
Government Sales Manager 3


Business Developer General Sales 1
Business Developer General Sales 2
Business Developer General Sales 3
Business Developer General Sales 4
Business Developer General Sales 5
Business Development Manager 1
Business Development Manager 2


Inside Sales Representative 1
Inside Sales Representative 2
Inside Sales Representative 3
Inside Sales Representative 4
Inside Sales Specialist 1
Inside Sales Specialist 2
Inside Sales Specialist 3
Inside Sales Specialist 4
Inside Sales Specialist 5
Inside Sales Manager 1
Inside Sales Manager 2


Media Ad Sales Representative 1
Media Ad Sales Representative 2
Media Ad Sales Representative 3
Media Ad Sales Representative 4
Media Ad Sales Representative 5
Media Ad Sales Manager 1
Media Ad Sales Manager 2
Media Ad Sales Manager 3
Media Ad Sales Manager 4
Media Ad Key Account Manager
Media Ad National Account Manager
Media Ad Operations Trafficker 1
Media Ad Operations Trafficker 2
Media Ad Operations Trafficker 3
Media Ad Operations Manager 1
Media Ad Operations Manager 2



Sales Administrator/Support Specialist 1
Sales Administrator/Support Specialist 2
Sales Administrator/Support Specialist 3
Sales Administrator/Support Manager 1
Sales Administrator/Support Manager 2


Sales Forecast Analyst 1
Sales Forecast Analyst 2
Sales Forecast Analyst 3
Sales Forecast Analyst Manager 1
Sales Forecast Analyst Manager 2



Customer Support/Help Desk 1
Customer Support/Help Desk 2
Customer Support/Help Desk 3
Remote Support Engineer 1
Remote Support Engineer 2
Remote Support Engineer 3
Remote Support Engineer 4
Remote Support Engineer 5
Remote Support Manager 1
Remote Support Manager 2


Field Service Engineer 1
Field Service Engineer 2
Field Service Engineer 3
Field Service Engineer 4
Field Service Engineer 5
Field Engineering Manager 1
Field Engineering Manager 2
Field Engineering Manager 3



Product Sales Trainer 1
Product Sales Trainer 2
Product Sales Trainer 3
Sales Skills Trainer 1
Sales Skills Trainer 2
Sales Skills Trainer 3
Education Manager 1
Education Manager 2



Systems Consultant/Applications Engineer 1
Systems Consultant/Applications Engineer 2
Systems Consultant/Applications Engineer 3
Systems Consultant/Applications Engineer 4
Systems Consultant/Applications Engineer 5
Systems/Applications Engineering Manager 1
Systems/Applications Engineering Manager 2
Systems/Applications Engineering Manager 3