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2024 Survey Materials Available
04 December 2023

2023 Survey Results Available on DataCentral®
31 May 2023

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24 June 2022

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The Utilities Compensation Survey is a unique study dedicated to collecting pay and policy information for the specialized industry roles which are not commonly found in other survey sources.  The survey has been designed with the guidance of an active Advisory / Design Team consisting of the utilities listed below.  With 121 participants in the 2023 survey, we would welcome the participation of your organization the next edition.

Advisory / Design Team

Each year a group of dedicated organizations work directly with Western Management Group to review and revise the survey to meet the needs of all participants.  We would like to thank the Advisory Team for their assistance in making this survey what it is today.

Citizens Energy Group
City of Rock Hill
Dairyland Power Cooperative
Dominion Energy
Farmington Electric Utility
Loup River Public Power
Lower Colorado River
Nebraska Municipal Power
Pool Energy
Northwestern Energy
NRG Energy
OGE Energy
Oklahoma Municipal Power
Pensacola Energy
Upper Peninsula Power
WPPI Energy

In recognition for their efforts, survey Advisory Team members receive a $600 discount off of their Custom Report Access fees. If you are interested in joining the Advisory Team, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Key Features

  • Total Cash Compensation data including Base Salary, Profit Sharing, Performance Bonuses, Team Awards, Discretionary Bonuses, etc.
  • Geographic breakouts of data for major regions, states, and over 100 major metropolitan areas throughout the country
  • Product and Revenue Level breakouts
  • 121 participants were included in the 2023 edition
  • 164 benchmark jobs, each with detailed job descriptions

New This Year

New Jobs

Director of Environmental Affairs
Electrical Drafter
Service Dispatcher
Vice President of Transmission Planning and Services
CIP and Cyber Security Engineer
GIS Technician
GIS Supervisor

Please refer to the survey Input Instructions for a full list of updated and revised survey content.

Survey Schedule

October 2023
November 2023
January 2024
1 January 2024
28 February 2024            
May 2024
Survey Advisory Team Meeting
Distribution of Input Materials 
Survey Participant Meeting
Effective Date of Data 
Deadline for Submission of Data - Extended to 17 May 2024
Results Available for Participants via DataCentral®

Survey Fees

Summary Report PDF = FREE: There is no cost for your participation and your organization will receive a complimentary PDF copy of the Summary version of the final report in appreciation for your data submission.

Uploadable Excel Report = $ 950: Contains summary information on each job for all companies in the survey, and can be uploaded to common survey analysis tools for further analysis, manipulation, editing and review.

Standard Report = $ 1,650: Includes all data from all participants displayed in Summary, Detail, Breakout, and Gender reports in PDF format. ALSO includes the Uploadable Excel Report for no additional fee.

Custom Report Access = $ 3,900: Includes the Standard Reports and the Uploadable Excel Report spreadsheet, plus detailed and customized reporting capability. This option is ideal for those who want reports on selected sets of participants or to meet selected scoping specifications. You have complete flexibility in defining the content and coverage of your own reports. A variety of report formats are available including Summary, Detail, Breakout, Gender, and Market Comparison Reports in both PDF and Excel formats. In addition, customizable Uploadable Excel Reports are available, which provides your choice of data elements in an uploadable spreadsheet format.

Survey Discounts

We firmly believe in rewarding our survey participants for helping to make our surveys better.  You can earn significant discounts this year on your Standard Report or Custom Report Access!

$ 100   On-Time Discount if you submit your data by 28 February 2024 - applicable towards the Standard or Custom Reports
$ 100   PolicyCentral® Discount if you complete/update the "CORE" topics in PolicyCentral - applicable towards the Standard or Custom Reports
$ 250   Previous Participant Discount for all 2023 Utilities Compensation Survey Participants - applicable towards the Standard or Custom Reports
$ 600   Advisory Team Discount applicable towards Custom Report Access

Participants are invoiced when we receive their input to the survey. All applicable discounts are applied at that time.

Survey Results and Samples - DataCentral®

There are two levels of results access available depending on your needs…whether you only need the Standard Report in PDF or XLS format covering ALL of the participants and ALL of the jobs, or Custom Report access which provides complex reporting “drill-down” capabilities.  Regardless of the level chosen, all participants will receive a FULL YEAR of 24x7 access to DataCentral® to download your reports online, or run unlimited Custom Reports and get immediate results. Both levels described below will provide the analyses in both PDF and XLS Formats.

Download the full survey Standard Report which contains ALL data from ALL participants.  Your data is included in the computation of job data statistics and totals.  Available in both Adobe Acrobat.pdf and Excel.xls formats, at no additional cost. 

  • Job Descriptions:  Uploadable job descriptions in Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat are also provided at no additional cost.
  • Summary Report:  Displays a line of data for each job, including basic statistics such as:
Average or Median Base Pay 
Average or Median Bonus 
Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation
Average or Median Total Compensation
Average or Median Target Bonus Percentage
Average Span of Control 
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies

View a sample of the Summary Report

  • Detail Report:  Provides a full page of data analysis for each job, including statistics on each pay element such as:
Highest Rate Reported 
90th, 75th, 50th, 25th 10th Percentiles 
Lowest Rate Reported 
Number of Employees Reported 
Employee Weighted Average 
Number of Companies 
Company Weighted Average
Earnings Mix: Showing Base, Variable Cash Compensation as a percentage of Total Cash 
Prevalence and Impact Statistics and Analysis for various Pay Elements

View a sample of the Detail Report

  • Breakout Report:  For each survey job, displays averages or median of each pay element by Sector, Geographic Area and Revenue.
Average or Median Base Pay
Average or Median Bonus 
Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation
Average or Median Total Cash Compensation
Average or Median Target Bonus Percentage
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies 

View a sample of the Breakout Report
  • Uploadable Excel Report:  Provides a job-by-job spreadsheet report with all of the major statistics and pay elements laid out in a readily uploadable format for third party analysis software.
The Custom Report Option offers detailed and full customized reporting capability.  Ideal for participants who need reports based on a selected set of participants or to meet specific scoping criteria.  You have complete control and flexibility in defining your own reports to include the pay elements and statistics you require.

Company Selections
Company Size by Revenue, Sector, or Employment
Geographic Area: Region/State/Metro Area
Data Elements and Statistics Calculations
Custom Percentiles
Standard Deviations
Weighted and Simple Averages
Data Aging
And much more!

Includes all of the above reports from the Standard level PLUS

  • Uploadable Excel Breakout Report:  Similar to the Uploadable Excel Report above, PLUS adds the ability to split the results into categories such as Geography, Sector, or Revenue, etc.
  • Market Comparison Report:  Provides a tabular and graphic comparison of your own company data to that of your selected market. An easy way to show competitive standing of your company.
View a sample of the Market Comparison Report

For a live demonstration of the power, flexibility and capabilities of DataCentral go to www.wmgnet.com and scroll down to ”Our Features” under “DataCentral” and click on “Take a Test Drive”, or call Ellie Nakhforoush at +1 408 571 6378 for additional guidance.

Recent Participants - 2023

Arkansas Electric Cooperative
Associated Electric Cooperative
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
Brazos Electric Power Cooperative
Central Electric Power Cooperative - SC
Central Iowa Power Cooperative
Dairyland Power Cooperative
East Kentucky Power Cooperative
Greystone Power Cooperative
Lee County Electric Cooperative
Minnkota Power Cooperative
Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative
Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC)
PNGC Power
Seminole Electric Cooperative
Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative
Sunflower Electric Power
Tri-State G&T Association Inc
Western Farmers Electric Cooperative
Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative
Alliant Energy
American Electric Power
Arizona Public Service
Cross Texas Transmission
Dominion Energy
DTE Energy
Duke Energy
Eversource Energy
Florida Power & Light
MDU Resources Group
Northwestern Energy
NRG Energy
NW Natural
OGE Energy
Otter Tail Power
Puget Sound Energy
Quanta Services
Southern Company
UGI Utilities
Upper Peninsula Power Company
Veolia North America
Vermont Electric Power Company
Alabama Municipal Electric Authority
American Municipal Power
Blue Ridge Power Agency
Central Arizona Water Conservation District
Florida Municipal Power Agency
Heartland Energy
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency
Indiana Municipal Power Agency
Intermountain Power Agency
Kansas Municipal Energy Agency
Michigan Public Power Agency
Missouri Public Utility Alliance
Missouri River Energy Services
NMPP Energy (Nebraska Municipal Power Pool Energy)
Northern California Power Agency
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
Platte River Power Authority
Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency
Utah Municipal Power Agency
WPPI Energy
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services
Cedar Falls Utilities
Central Lincoln People's Utility District
Chelan County PUD
City of College Station
City of Georgetown
City of Longmont
City of Rock Hill
City of Seattle
City Water & Power Light
Dalton Utilities
Easton Utilities
Farmington Electric Utility System
Floresville Electric Light and Power System
Fort Collins Utilities/City of Fort Collins
Gainesville Regional Utilities / City of Gainsville
Grand River Dam Authority
Heber Light and Power
Holland Board of Public Works
Huntsville Utilities
Imperial Irrigation District
Kansas City Board of Public Utilities
Kerrville Public Utility
Keys Energy
Knoxville Utilities Board
Lafayette Utilities System
Loup River Public Power District
Loveland Water and Power
Lower Colorado River Authority
Marshfield Utilities
Memphis Light Gas & Water
Muscatine Power & Water
Nashville Electric Service
Nebraska Public Power District
New Braunfels Utilities
Omaha Public Power District
Orlando Utilities Commission
Riviera Utilities
Traverse City Light & Power
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility
Central Municipal Power Agency and Services
Citizens Energy Group
City of Estes Park
City of Grand Forks
Denver Water
Georgia System Operations Corporation
Midwest Reliability Organization
North Texas Municipal Water District
Pensacola Energy
Virginia Tech University
Woodlawn Utility

Survey Job Coverage



President/CEO/General Manager
Assistant General Manager/COO
Corporate Counsel
Staff Attorney
Director of Marketing
Manager of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources
Vice President of Human Resources
Office Administrator
Executive Assistant (CEO & BOD)
Vice President Marketing
Vice President Administrative Services/Corporate Services


Vice President Finance/CFO
Director of Finance
Assistant Vice President Finance/Controller
Treasury Manager
Director of Billing
Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Accountant 4


Manager of Risk Control
Senior Risk Analyst
Government Compliance Officer
Compliance Specialist
Safety and Training Coordinator


Vice President of Technical Services/Engineering
Director of Engineering
Engineering Manager
Director of Environmental Affairs
Manager of Environmental Affairs
Environmental Specialist (Technician)
Distribution Engineer
Senior Distribution Engineer
Civil Engineer
Senior Civil Engineer
Director of Transmission Engineering
Transmission Engineer
Senior Transmission Engineer
Director of Transmission System Operations
Transmission System Operator 1
Transmission System Operator 2
Transmission System Operator 3
Transmission System Operations Supervisor
Electrical Engineer
Senior Electrical Engineer
Electrical Drafter
Instrument & Electronic Technician - SCADA
Senior Instrument & Electronic Technician - SCADA
Meter Technician 1
Meter Technician 2
Meter Technician 3
Metering Supervisor
Service Dispatcher
Vegetation Services Manager
Vegetation Services Specialist


Vice President of Energy Operations (Power Supply)
Vice President of Transmission Planning and Services
Vice President Generation Services
Resource Planner
Power Supply Planning Engineer
Power Supply Contracts Administrator
Power Supply Planning & Contracts Manager
Energy Auditor
Energy Risk Manager
Power Dispatcher
Power Marketer
Senior Power Marketer
Markets Manager
Director of Power Supply Planning
Senior Economist
Rate Analyst
Manager of Power Sales
Manager of Transmission Affairs
Settlement Analyst
Senior Settlement Analyst
Director of Energy Efficiency
Fuels & Commodities Procurement Analyst
Energy Optimization Specialist


Vice President of Government & Public Affairs
Director of Government Affairs


Director of Member Relations or Communications
Vice President Member Services
Energy Services Manager
Energy Services Representative
Economic Development Manager


Chief Information Officer
Information/Cyber Security Director
Cyber Security Compliance Auditor
Director of Network Technology
IS Network Administrator
Applications Developer
Social Media Specialist
Telecommunications/Network Technician 1
Telecommunications/Network Technician 2
Cyber Security Analyst 1
Cyber Security Analyst 2
Cyber Security Analyst 3
Cyber Security Analyst 4
CIP and Cyber Security Engineer
GIS Technician
GIS Supervisor


Plant Control Room Operator (Hydroelectric)
Plant Control Room Operator (Nuclear)
Plant Control Room Operator (Solar)
Plant Control Room Operator (Gas Turbine)
Plant Control Room Operator (Coal Fired)
Plant Control Room Operator (Wind)
Plant Supervisor/Foreman
Plant Manager (Hydroelectric)
Plant Manager (Nuclear)
Plant Manager (Solar)
Plant Manager (Gas Turbine)
Plant Manager (Coal Fired)
Plant Manager (Wind)
System Protection & Control Technician 1
System Protection & Control Technician 2
System Protection & Control Technician 3
Line Technician 1
Line Technician 2
Line Technician 3
Line Supervisor/Foreman
Distribution Line Technician 1
Distribution Line Technician 2
Distribution Line Technician 3
Distribution Line Supervisor/Foreman
Transmission Line Technician 1
Transmission Line Technician 2
Transmission Line Technician 3
Transmission Line Supervisor/Foreman
Substation Technician 1
Substation Technician 2
Substation Technician 3
Substation Supervisor/Foreman
Generation Technician
Generation Specialist
Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Technician
Maintenance Supervisor/Foreman
Welder 1
Welder 2


Water Treatment Plant Operator 1
Water Treatment Plant Operator 2
Water Treatment Plant Operator 3
Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Wastewater Treatment/Reclamation Plant Operator 1
Wastewater Treatment/Reclamation Plant Operator 2
Wastewater Treatment/Reclamation Plant Operator 3
Wastewater Treatment/Reclamation Plant Supervisor
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 1
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 2
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 3
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic 1
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic 2
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic 3
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems Technician 1
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems Technician 2
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems Technician 3
Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Technician
Senior Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Technician
Water/Wastewater Laboratory Supervisor
Water/Wastewater Chemist