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Please note that the materials above are from the 2024 survey, and are for reference purposes only. The 2025 materials will be available in November 2024.

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2024 Survey Results Available on DataCentral®
21 May 2024

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20 November 2023

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Conducted annually since 1990, this survey is recognized as the premier source for compensation data for the wine industry. 

The labor market for wineries and vineyards is distinctly different from the broader consumer product and agricultural world, thus is not captured by the broad general-market compensation surveys.

As a participant in the Wine Industry Compensation Survey you will have access to the information and tools necessary to make data-driven decisions to support the compensation programs for your unique industry.  

The 2024 edition of the survey contains data from 213 participants representing 400+ wineries/vineyards.  Data was submitted on 298 jobs, with over 15,700 individual employee pay rates.

Advisory / Design Team

We would like to thank the members of the Advisory / Design Team for their support and assistance in designing this survey.

Bonterra Organic Estates
Constellation Brands
Delicato Family Vineyards
The Duckhorn Portfolio
E. & J. Gallo
F. Korbel & Brothers
Groth Vineyards & Winery
Honig Vineyard & Winery
Ingelnook Winery
Jackson Family Enterprise
The Wine Group
Treasury Wine Estate
Wente Family Estates

Key Features

  • Actual Total Cash, Most Recent Variable Cash Payout, Other Cash Payout as well as Targeted Bonus Percent
  • Geographic breakouts of data for major regions, state, and over 100 major metropolitan areas throughout the country
  • Case Production, Geographic and Revenue Level breakouts
  • 213 participants with over 400 wineries/vineyards included in the 2024 edition
  • Over 295 key benchmark jobs, each with detailed job descriptions, and consistent leveling methodologies

New This Year

Please refer to the survey Input Instructions for a full list of updated and revised survey content.

Survey Schedule

November 2023
1 January 2024
19 January 2024
19 January 2024
April 2024
Distribution of Input Materials
Effective Date of Data
Deadline for Submission of Data Earn a discount for submitting on-time!
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Results Available for Participants via DataCentral®

Survey Fees

All survey results are delivered via our DataCentral® online survey report tool, and the report fees for your company will depend on the subscription level you choose and the size of your company in case volume. 

With DataCental you will have YEAR ROUND access to either the Standard Reports which includes data from ALL participants on ALL jobs, or the Custom Reports where you can create your own report selections based on your choice of companies, product sectors, geographies, revenue, etc. With the Custom Report you have complete control of the complexity of analyses, comparisons, and customization of results from the survey database, and you can run an unlimited number of reports to satisfy your needs on a 24x7 basis. All results are provided in both PDF and XLS Formats, including uploadable XLS versions.

   Standard Reports   Custom Reports
Under 50,000 Cases   $ 1,100   $ 1,625
50,000 to 199,999 Cases   $ 1,775   $ 2,350
200,000 to 999,999 Cases                       $ 2,450   $ 3,075
1 Million Cases and Over   $ 3,125   $ 3,800

Survey Discounts

We firmly believe in rewarding our survey participants for helping to make our surveys better. You can earn significant discounts this year!

$ 500   New Participant Referral Discount for each new participant you refer – PLUS the company you refer also receives this discount!

On-Time Discount if you submit your data by 19 January 2024:

Under 50,000 Cases    $ 75
50,000 to 199,999 Cases   $ 100
200,000 to 999,999 Cases                       $ 125
1 Million Cases and Over $ 150

Previous Participant Discount for all 2023 Wine Industry Survey Participants:

Under 50,000 Cases  $ 125
50,000 to 199,999 Cases   $ 200
200,000 to 999,999 Cases                       $ 275
1 Million Cases and Over $ 350

Survey Results and Samples - DataCentral®

There are two levels of results access available depending on your needs…whether you only need the Standard Report in PDF or XLS format covering ALL of the participants and ALL of the jobs, or Custom Report access which provides complex reporting “drill-down” capabilities.  Regardless of the level chosen, all participants will receive a FULL YEAR of 24x7 access to DataCentral® to download your reports online, or run unlimited Custom Reports and get immediate results. Both levels described below will provide the analyses in both PDF and XLS Formats.

Download the full survey Standard Report which contains ALL data from ALL participants.  Your data is included in the computation of job data statistics and totals.  Available in both Adobe Acrobat.pdf and Excel.xls formats, at no additional cost. 

  • Job Descriptions:  Uploadable job descriptions in Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat are also provided at no additional cost.
  • Summary Report:  Displays a line of data for each job, including basic statistics such as:
Average or Median Base Pay 
Average or Median Bonus 
Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation
Average or Median Total Compensation
Average or Median Target Bonus Percentage
Average Span of Control 
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies

View a sample of the Summary Report

  • Detail Report:  Provides a full page of data analysis for each job, including statistics on each pay element such as:
Highest Rate Reported 
90th, 75th, 50th, 25th 10th Percentiles 
Lowest Rate Reported 
Number of Employees Reported 
Employee Weighted Average 
Number of Companies 
Company Weighted Average
Earnings Mix: Showing Base, Variable Cash Compensation as a percentage of Total Cash 
Prevalence and Impact Statistics and Analysis for various Pay Elements

View a sample of the Detail Report

  • Breakout Report:  For each survey job, displays averages or median of each pay element by Case Production, Geographic Area and Revenue.
Average or Median Base Pay
Average or Median Bonus 
Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation
Average or Median Total Cash Compensation
Average or Median Target Bonus Percentage
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies 

View a sample of the Breakout Report
  • Uploadable Excel Report:  Provides a job-by-job spreadsheet report with all of the major statistics and pay elements laid out in a readily uploadable format for third party analysis software.
The Custom Report Option offers detailed and full customized reporting capability.  Ideal for participants who need reports based on a selected set of participants or to meet specific scoping criteria.  You have complete control and flexibility in defining your own reports to include the pay elements and statistics you require.

Company Selections
Company Size by Revenue, Case Production, or Employment
Geographic Area: Region/State/Metro Area
Data Elements and Statistics Calculations
Custom Percentiles
Standard Deviations
Weighted and Simple Averages
Data Aging
And much more!

Includes all of the above reports from the Standard level PLUS

  • Uploadable Excel Breakout Report:  Similar to the Uploadable Excel Report above, PLUS adds the ability to split the results into categories such as Geography, Product, or Revenue, etc.
  • Market Comparison Report:  Provides a tabular and graphic comparison of your own company data to that of your selected market. An easy way to show competitive standing of your company.
View a sample of the Market Comparison Report

For a live demonstration of the power, flexibility and capabilities of DataCentral go to and scroll down to ”Our Features” under “DataCentral” and click on “Take a Test Drive”, or call Donna Bowman at +1 408 596 7372 for additional guidance.

Recent Participants - 2024

* Denotes subsidiary vineyard/winery 
Aperture Cellars
Beckstoffer Vineyards
Biltmore Estate Wine
Bogle Vineyards
Boisset Collection
* Buena Vista Winery
* Calistoga Depot
* Chateau Buena Vista
* De Loach Winery
* Elizabeth Spencer Winery
* JCB Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton
* JCB Tasting Salon
* Oakville Grocery
* Oakville Wine Merchant
* Raymond Vineyard & Cellar
* Sonoma Bottling Facility
* Wattle Creek Winery
Bonterra Organic Estates
Brown Estate Vineyards
Bundschu Company
C. Mondavi & Family
Cakebread Cellars
Chandon California
* Newton Vineyards
Chappellet Winery
Chateau Montelena Winery
Clif Family Winery and Farm
Cline Cellars
* Jacuzzi Family Wines
Constellation Brands
* Apple House Vineyard Office
* Booker Winery
* California Constellation Sales Office
* Canandaigua Winery
* Canyon Road Cellars
* Constellation Bedford Warehouse
* Constellation Chicago Office
* Constellation Sonoma Office
* Constellations Napa, Sonoma, Solano Office
* Constellation Texas Office
* Creekside Vineyards
* Dunnewood Vineyards
* Gonzales Winery
* King City Vineyards
* Lingua Franca Winery
* Lodi Distribution Center
* Mission Bell Winery
* Napa Bottling & Sales Office
* Pine Creek Vineyards
* Prisoner Wine Company
* Quarry Lake Winery
* Robert Mondavi
* Simi Winery
* Soledad Vineyards
* Wappo Vineyard Office
* Woodbridge
Crimson Wine Group
* Archery Summit
* Chamisal Vineyards
* Double Canyon Vineyards
* Malene Winery
* Pine Ridge Winery
* Seghesio Family Vineyards
* Seven Hills Winery
Darioush Winery
Delicato Family Vineyards
Distinguished Vineyards & Wine Partners
* Argyle/Dundee
Domaine Carneros
Dry Creek Vineyard
E. & J. Gallo Winery
* E. & J. Gallo Winery/Fresno
* E. & J. Gallo Winery/Sonoma
F. Korbel & Brothers
Farm Collective Winery
FN Cellars
Foley Family Wines
* Chalk Hill Winery
* Chalone Vineyards
* Chateau St. Jean
* Curtis Cellars
* Ferrari Carano Vineyards & Winery
* Firestone Vineyards
* Foley Sonoma Wine
* Four Graces Winery
* Kuleto Estate Family Vineyards
* Lincourt Winery
* Sebastiani Vineyards
* Silverado Vineyards
* Three Rivers Winery
Folio Fine Wine Partners
Freixenet Mionetto USA
* Gloria Ferrer Winery
Frog's Leap Winery
Gargiulo Vineyards
Grape Creek Vineyards
Grgich Hills Cellar
Groth Vineyards & Winery
Hall Wines
Hamel Family Wines
Honig Vineyard & Winery
Huneeus Vintners
* Benton Lane Winery
* Faust Vineyards
* Flowers Vineyard & Winery
* Quintessa
Iron Horse Winery
J. Lohr Vineyards & Winery
Jackson Family Wines
John Anthony Wines
Joseph Phelps Vineyards
  Kamen Estate Wines
Lambert Bridge Winery
LangeTwins Winery
Landmark Vineyards
Lasseter Family Winery
Lede Family Wines
McBride Sisters Collection
Michael David Winery
Napa Wine
O'Neill Vintners & Distillers
Opus One
Pacific Union Co.
* Bond Estate Winery
* Harlan Estate
Paul Hobbs Winery
Peju Province Winery
Pernod Ricard
* Pernod Ricard Winemakers USA
* Pernod Ricard Kenwood Winery
Peter Michael Winery
Plump Jack Winery
Price Family Wines
* Classic Wines
* Lutum Wines
* Gary Ferrell
Purple Brands
Quady Winery
Quintessential Wines
Rack and Riddle Custom Wine Services
Realm Cellars
Ridge Vineyards & Winery
Rodney Strong Vineyards
Scheid Family Wines
Schramsberg Vineyards
Scribe Winery
Silver Oak Wine Cellars
Silverado Vineyards
Skurnik Wines and Spirits
Skywalker Vineyards
St. Francis Winery & Vineyards
St. Supery Vineyards & Winery
Ste. Michelle Wine Estate
* A to Z Wineworks
* Columbia Crest Winery
Stoller Wine Group
Terlato Wine Group
* Chimney Rock Winery
* Rutherford Hill Winery
* Sanford Winery
The Duckhorn Portfolio
* Sonoma-Cutrer
The Family Coppola
* Inglenok Winery
The Wine Group
* Almaden Vineyards
* Benzinger Vineyards
* Big House Wines
* Concannon Vineyards
* Cutler Vineyards
* Franzia Sanger
* Franzia Vineyards
* Fresno Vineyards
* McFarland TWG
* Mogen David Winery
The Wonderful Company
* Justine Winery and Vineyards
* Landmark Vineyards
* Robert Sinskey
Treasury Wine Estates Americas
* Beaulieu Vineyard
* Beringer Winery
* Big Ranch Road Vineyard
* Etude Winery
* Frank Family Vineyards
* Paso Cellars 360
* Sonoma Warehouse and Bottling
* Stags Leap Winery
* Sterling Vineyards
* Treasury Wine Oakland
Trefethen Vineyards Winery
Trentadue Winery
Trinchero Family Estates
* Folie A’Deux Winery
* Joel Gott
* Montevina Wines
* Napa Cellars
* Neyers Vineyard
* Sutter Home Vineyards
* Terra D'Oro
* Trinchero Central Coast
* Trinchero Lodi
* Trinchero Napa Valley
Turley Wine Cellars
Two Estate Wine Collective
Union Wine Company
Vineyard 29
Vintage Wine Estates
* BR Cohn Winery
* Clos Pegase Winery
* Consentino Winery
* Delectus Winery
* Laetitia Vineyard and Winery
* Kunde Estate Winery
* Owen Roe Winery
* Sonoma Coast Vineyards
* Ray's Station Winery
* The Flight Deck Tasting
Wente Family Estates
Wine Hooligans
Wine Service Cooperative

Survey Job Coverage



Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
General Manager/Site Operations Manager
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Vice President Sales
General Counsel
Chief Technology Officer
Vice President Operations
Vice President Winemaking
Vice President Vineyard Operations
Vice President Marketing and Sales
Vice President Marketing
National Sales Manager (No Direct Reports)
Vice President Human Resources
Vice President Digital/eCommerce
Vice President Social Networking/Media


Clerical Support 1
Clerical Support 2
Clerical Support 3
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant 1
Administrative Assistant 2
Receptionist 1
Receptionist 2
Receptionist 3
Office Supervisor/Manager


Human Resources Specialist
General Human Resources Representative 1
General Human Resources Representative 2
General Human Resources Representative 3
Training and Development Specialist 1
Training and Development Specialist 2
Training and Development Specialist 3
Training and Development Manager

Health and Safety Specialist 1
Health and Safety Specialist 2
Health and Safety Specialist 3
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Human Resources Supervisor
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Director


Accounting Assistant 1
Accounting Assistant 2
Accounting Assistant 3
Accounting Assistant 4
Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Accounts Receivable Manager
General Accounting Supervisor
Payroll Assistant 1
Payroll Assistant 2
Payroll Assistant 3
Payroll/Personnel Administrator
Payroll Supervisor
Payroll Manager
Cost Accounting Manager
Business/Financial Analyst 1
Business/Financial Analyst 2
Business/Financial Analyst 3
Business/Financial Analyst Manager
Credit & Collections Manager
Tax Director
General Accounting Manager
Finance Director
Assistant Controller


Buyer 1
Buyer 2
Buyer 3
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Director


Loader/Stager 1
Loader/Stager 2
Shipping/Receiving Clerk 1
Shipping/Receiving Clerk 2
Shipping/Receiving Clerk 3
Shipping/Receiving Clerk Lead
Warehouse/Barrel Worker 1
Warehouse/Barrel Worker 2
Warehouse/Barrel Worker 3
Warehouse/Barrel Worker Lead
Warehouse/Barrel Supervisor
Warehouse/Barrel Manager
Forklift Operator
Light Truck Operator
Heavy Truck/Vehicle Operator
Distribution Supervisor 1
Distribution Supervisor 2
Stores/Shipping/Receiving Manager
Production Coordinator
Production & Material Planning Capacity Analyst
Production Planner/Scheduler 1
Production Planner/Scheduler 2
Production Planner/Scheduler 3
Master Scheduler
Production & Capacity Planning Manager
Logistics/Transportation Analyst 1
Logistics/Transportation Analyst 2
Logistics/Transportation Analyst 3

Logistics/Transportation Manager
Import/Export Supervisor


PC Support Technician 1
PC Support Technician 2
PC Support Technician 3
Applications Programmer/Analyst 2
Applications Programmer/Analyst 3
Information Technology Manager
Information Technology Director


Maintenance Worker 1
Maintenance Worker 2
Maintenance Worker 3
Maintenance Specialist - Journey Level
Vehicle/Truck Maintenance Mechanic 1
Vehicle/Truck Maintenance Mechanic 2
Vehicle/Truck Maintenance Mechanic 3
Winery and Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 1
Winery and Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 2
Winery and Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 3
Bottling Line Maintenance Mechanic 1
Bottling Line Maintenance Mechanic 2
Bottling Line Maintenance Mechanic 3
Control Technician
Maintenance Mechanic - Journey Level
Maintenance Supervisor
Groundskeeper 2
Groundskeeper 3
Groundskeeper Lead
Landscape Supervisor
Janitor/Custodian 1
Janitor/Custodian 2
Janitor/Custodian Lead
Security Guard
Security Guard Lead
Facilities Supervisor
Facilities Manager
Shop Mechanic 1
Shop Mechanic 2
Shop Mechanic Supervisor
Shop Mechanic Manager
Maintenance/Construction Manager
Maintenance Director


Vineyard Worker 1
Vineyard Worker 2
Vineyard Worker 3
Vineyard Worker Lead
Vineyard Supervisor/Foreman
Vineyard Manager
Vineyard Director
Test Stand Sample Puller
Viticulturist Technician 1
Viticulturist Technician 2
Viticulturist 1
Viticulturist 2
Viticulturist Supervisor
Viticulturist Manager
Grower Relations Representative
Grower Relations Manager
Grower Relations Director
Tractor Driver 1
Tractor Driver 2
Irrigator 2
Irrigator 3
Recordkeeper/Inventory Analyst 2
Recordkeeper/Inventory Analyst 3
Inventory Control Manager
Government Compliance Analyst 1
Government Compliance Analyst 2
Government Compliance Analyst 3
Government Compliance Manager
Government Compliance Director


Cellar Crew 1
Cellar Crew 2
Cellar Crew 3
Cellar Crew Lead
Cellar Supervisor
Cellar Operations Director
Bottling Line Worker 1
Bottling Line Worker 2
Bottling Line Worker 3
Bottling Line Worker Lead
Bottling Supervisor
Bottling Manager
Bottling Operations Director
Sanitation/Cleanroom Operator 2
Sanitation/Cleanroom Operator 3
Plant Manager
Assistant Winemaker
Winemaker 1
Winemaker 2
Winemaking Director
Lab Technician 1
Lab Technician 2
Lab Technician 3
Lab Technician Lead
Enologist 1
Enologist 2
Laboratory/Quality Control Supervisor
Laboratory/Quality Control Manager
Laboratory/Quality Control Director
Quality Control Technician 1
Quality Control Technician 2
Quality Control Technician 3
Sustainable Development Specialist 1
Sustainable Development Specialist 2
Sustainable Development Specialist 3
Sustainable Development Specialist 4
Sustainability Manager
Sustainability Director


Room Attendant/Housekeeper 1
Room Attendant/Housekeeper 2
Room Attendant/Housekeeper 3
Housekeeping Supervisor
Wine Club Representative 1
Wine Club Representative 3
Wine Club Representative Lead
Wine Educator Local
Wine Educator National
Special Events Coordinator
Catering and Event Service Supervisor
Wine Club Manager
Events Manager
Tasting Room Host/Hostess 1
Tasting Room Host/Hostess 2
Tour Guide
Tasting Room Host/Hostess Premium Brands
Tasting Room Lead
Tasting Room Assistant Manager
Tasting Room Manager
Tasting Room Concierge
Tasting Room Merchandizer
Retail Operations Director
Hospitality Representative 1
Hospitality Representative 2
Hospitality Representative 3
Hospitality Supervisor
Hospitality Manager
Hospitality Director
Cook 2
Cook 3
Sous Chef
Chef du Cuisine
Executive Chef


Marketing Coordinator
Public Relations Specialist 1
Public Relations Specialist 2
Public Relations Manager/Director
Demand Planner 2
Demand Planner 3
Marketing Manager 1 (Less than 100k Case Production)
Marketing Manager 2 (100k or More Case Production)
Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing Director
Associate/Assistant Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Senior Brand Manager
Brand Director
Direct to Consumer Marketing Support Specialist
Direct to Consumer Marketing Manager
Direct to Consumer Marketing Director
Category Management Analyst
Senior Category Management Analyst
Packaging Designer 2
Packaging Designer 3
Graphic Design Specialist
Graphic Design Manager/Director
Pricing Coordinator 2
Pricing Coordinator 3
Pricing Manager


Customer Service Representative 1
Customer Service Representative 2
Customer Service Representative 3
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Manager
eCommerce Associate Outbound Sales
Retail Merchandising Specialist
Retail Merchandising Manager
Sales Coordinator 2
Sales Coordinator 3
Sales and Marketing Analyst 2
Sales and Marketing Analyst 3
Direct Sales Representative 1
Direct Sales Representative 3
Sales Operations Manager
Distributor Sales Relationship Manager 1
Distributor Sales Relationship Manager 2
Distributor Sales Relationship Manager 3
Regional Sales Manager
Major Account Manager
National Sales Manager (Direct Reports)
International Sales Manager
Sales Business Analyst 1
Sales Business Analyst 2
Sales Business Analyst 3