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2024 Survey Materials Available
30 January 2024

2023 Survey Results Available on DataCentral®
23 October 2023

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19 October 2022

2021 Survey Results Available on DataCentral®
30 September 2021

2020 Survey Results Available on DataCentral®
22 October 2020

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01 October 2019

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10 October 2018

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10 October 2017

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15 October 2016

Conducted annually since 2000, this survey has been developed in response to requests from leaders in the financial industry. It is designed to fulfill the need for a survey focusing on specialized jobs within the banking, insurance, investment and general financial services community. The survey covers the needs financial institutions at all revenue/asset levels for comprehensive compensation data covering Individual Contributors through Senior Management and Executive roles in more than 100 metropolitan areas.

Advisory / Design Team

We would like to thank the members of the Advisory / Design Team, Wells Fargo and Zions Bank, for their support and assistance in designing this survey.

Key Features

  • Actual Total Cash data including Actual Base Salary, Actual Individual Variable Cash and Actual Other Variable Cash
  • Geographic breakouts of data for major regions, state, and over 100 major metropolitan areas throughout the country
  • Asset, Industry and Revenue Level breakouts
  • 32 participants were included in the 2023 edition
  • Over 540 benchmark jobs, each with detailed job descriptions

New This Year

Revised Jobs

Electronic Funds Transfer Specialist 1
Electronic Funds Transfer Specialist 2

New Job

Electronic Funds Transfer Specialist 3

New Job Code

Electronic Fund Transfer Officer

Please refer to the survey Input Instructions for a full list of updated and revised survey content.

Survey Schedule

January 2024
01 April 2024
15 May 2024
September 2024
Distribution of Input Materials
Effective Date of Data
Deadline for Submission of Data - Extended to 15 June 2024
Results available to Participants via DataCentral®

Survey Fees

All survey results are delivered via our DataCentral® online survey report tool. You have YEAR ROUND access to both the Standard Report which includes data from ALL participants on ALL jobs, and Custom Report where you can create your own report selections based on your choice of companies, product sectors, geographies, revenue, etc. With the Custom Report you have complete control of the complexity of analyses, comparisons, and customization of results from the survey database, and you can run an unlimited number of reports to satisfy your needs on a 24x7 basis. All results are provided in both PDF and XLS Formats, including uploadable XLS versions.

DataCentral® Access     
Provides BOTH Standard and Custom Report Access   
 $ 2,900

Survey Discounts

We firmly believe in rewarding our survey participants for helping to make our surveys better. You can earn significant discounts this year!

$ 125   On-Time Discount if you submit your data by 15 May 2024
$ 250   Previous Participant Discount for all 2023 Financial Services Survey Participants
$ 500   New Participant Referral Discount for each new participant you refer – PLUS the company you refer also receives this discount!

Participants are invoiced when we receive their input to the survey. All applicable discounts are applied at that time.

Survey Results and Samples - DataCentral®

There are two levels of results access available depending on your needs…whether you only need the Standard Report in PDF or XLS format covering ALL of the participants and ALL of the jobs, or Custom Report access which provides complex reporting “drill-down” capabilities.  Regardless of the level chosen, all participants will receive a FULL YEAR of 24x7 access to DataCentral® to download your reports online, or run unlimited Custom Reports and get immediate results. Both levels described below will provide the analyses in both PDF and XLS Formats.

Download the full survey Standard Report which contains ALL data from ALL participants.  Your data is included in the computation of job data statistics and totals.  Available in both Adobe Acrobat.pdf and Excel.xls formats, at no additional cost. 

  • Job Descriptions:  Uploadable job descriptions in Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat are also provided at no additional cost.
  • Summary Report:  Displays a line of data for each job, including basic statistics such as:
Average or Median Base Pay 
Average or Median Bonus 
Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation
Average or Median Total Compensation
Range Minimum/Midpoint/Maximum
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies

View a sample of the Summary Report

  • Detail Report:  Provides a full page of data analysis for each job, including statistics on each pay element such as:
Highest Rate Reported 
90th, 75th, 50th, 25th 10th Percentiles 
Lowest Rate Reported 
Number of Employees Reported 
Employee Weighted Average 
Number of Companies 
Company Weighted Average
Range Minimum/Midpoint/Maximum
LTI Value
LTI Prevalence
Earnings Mix: Showing Base, Variable Cash Compensation as a percentage of Total Cash 
Prevalence and Impact Statistics and Analysis for various Pay Elements

View a sample of the Detail Report

  • Breakout Report:  For each survey job, displays averages or median of each pay element by Industry, Geographic Area and Asset Level.
Average or Median Base Pay
Average or Median Bonus 
Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation
Range Minimum/Midpoint/Maximum
Relative Index
Average or Median Total Cash Compensation
Average or Median Target Bonus Percentage
Total Number of Incumbents 
Total Number of Companies 

View a sample of the Breakout Report
  • LTI Detail Report: Displays Average & Percentile data for Total Cash Compensation by: A. Base Pay, Bonus, and other variable Compensation, B. LTI Eligibility by Full Value LTI, Cash LTI and Combination LTI, C. Total Direct Compensation consisting of Cash + LTI.

    View a sample of the LTI Report

  • Uploadable Excel Report:  Provides a job-by-job spreadsheet report with all of the major statistics and pay elements laid out in a readily uploadable format for third party analysis software.
The Custom Report Option offers detailed and full customized reporting capability.  Ideal for participants who need reports based on a selected set of participants or to meet specific scoping criteria.  You have complete control and flexibility in defining your own reports to include the pay elements and statistics you require.

Company Selections
Company Size by Asset or Employment
Business Segment
Geographic Area: Region/State/Metro Area
Data Elements and Statistics Calculations
Custom Percentiles
Standard Deviations
Weighted and Simple Averages
Data Aging
And much more!

Includes all of the above reports from the Standard level PLUS

  • Uploadable Excel Breakout Report:  Similar to the Uploadable Excel Report above, PLUS adds the ability to split the results into categories such as Geography, Product, or Revenue, etc.
  • Market Comparison Report:  Provides a tabular and graphic comparison of your own company data to that of your selected market. An easy way to show competitive standing of your company.
View a sample of the Market Comparison Report

For a live demonstration of the power, flexibility and capabilities of DataCentral go to and scroll down to ”Our Features” under “DataCentral” and click on “Take a Test Drive”, or call Donna Bowman at +1 408 596 7372 for additional guidance.

Recent Participants - 2023

Amegy Bank
Associated Banc-Corp
California Bank & Trust
Capital Group
Clean Harbors
Commerce Bank of Oregon
Commerce Bank of Washington
Erie Insurance Group
Farm Credit Foundations
Futura Title & Escrow
Genisys CU
GM Financial
Great Western Financial
Hawaii State FCU
Heritage Bank Of Commerce
Idaho Housing & Finance Association
MidFlorida FCU
National Bank of Arizona
Nevada State Bank
Nuvision FCU
Oregon Community CU
State Farm Insurance
Thrivent Financial
Tinker FCU
Vectra Bank
Westfield Bank
Zions Bancorporation

Survey Job Coverage



Paralegal 1
Paralegal 2
Legal Secretary 1
Legal Secretary 2
Legal Assistant 1
Attorney 1
Attorney 2
Attorney 3
Consulting Attorney
Managing Attorney
Deputy General Counsel
General Counsel


Advertising/Promotion Manager
Market Analyst 1
Market Analyst 2
Market Consultant 1
Market Consultant 2
Marketing Manager 1
Marketing Manager 2
Market Research Analyst 1
Market Research Analyst 2
Market Research Analyst 3
Market Research Manager
Product Manager
Product Development Manager
Community Affairs Officer


Telemarketing Representative 1 (Outbound)
Telemarketing Representative 2 (Outbound)
Telemarketing Representative 1 (Inbound)
Telemarketing Representative 2 (Inbound)
Telemarketing Supervisor
Collections Specialist 1
Collections Specialist 2
Collections Specialist 3
Collections Supervisor
Collections Manager
Call Center Representative 1
Call Center Representative 2
Call Center Representative 3
Call Center Sales Supervisor
Call Center Sales Manager 1
Call Center Sales Manager 2
Call Center Sales Manager 3
Call Center Plan & Analysis Manager 1
Call Center Plan & Analysis Manager 2
On-Line Customer Service Representative 1
On-Line Customer Service Representative 2
On-Line Customer Service Representative 3
Inbound Sales Specialist
Outbound Sales Specialist
Quality Monitor 1
Quality Monitor 2
Quality Monitor Supervisor
Quality Monitor Manager
Scheduling Specialist
Scheduling Analyst 1
Scheduling Analyst 2
Scheduling Supervisor
Scheduling Manager 1
Scheduling Manager 2
Correspondence Representative 1
Correspondence Representative 2


Audit Analyst 1
Audit Analyst 2
Audit Analyst 3
Audit Analyst 4
Audit Manager 1
Audit Manager 2
Security Manager
Fraud Detection Specialist 1
Fraud Detection Specialist 2
Fraud Detection Specialist 3
Fraud Prevention Specialist 1
Fraud Prevention Specialist 2
Fraud Prevention Specialist 3
Operational Risk Consultant 1
Operational Risk Consultant 2
Operational Risk Consultant 3
Operational Risk Manager 1
Operational Risk Manager 2
Compliance Specialist 1
Compliance Specialist 2
Compliance Specialist 3
Compliance Consultant 2
Compliance Consultant 3
Compliance Consultant 4
Compliance Consultant 5
Compliance Manager 1
Compliance Manager 2
Compliance Manager 3
Compliance Manager 4


Head/Lead Teller
Branch Teller 1
Branch Teller 2
Branch Teller 3
Personal Banker
Private Banking Relationship Officer 1
Private Banker
Private Banking Relationship Manager
Retail Branch Banking Executive
Business Development Officer 1
Business Development Officer 2
Administrative Savings Officer
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Officer 1
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Officer 2
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Manager
Banking Services Representative 1
Banking Services Representative 2
Assistant Branch Manager
Branch Manager - Lending 1
Branch Manager - Lending 2
Branch Manager - Lending 3
Branch Manager - Lending 4
Branch Manager - Non-Lending 1
Branch Manager - Non-Lending 2
Branch Manager - Non-Lending 3
Branch Manager - Non-Lending 4


Operations Clerk 1
Operations Clerk 2
Operations Clerk 3
Operations Processor 1
Operations Processor 2
Operations Processor 3
Operations Analyst 1
Operations Analyst 2
Operations Analyst 3
Operations Analyst 4
Operations Manager 1
Operations Manager 2
Operations Manager 3
Operations Manager 4


Treasury Management Sales Representative 1
Treasury Management Sales Representative 2
Treasury Management Sales Representative 3
Treasury Management Senior Sales Representative 1
Treasury Management Senior Sales Representative 2
Treasury Management Sales Manager
Treasury Management Regional Sales Manager
Treasury Management National Sales Manager
Commercial Relationship Associate 1
Commercial Relationship Associate 2
Commercial Relationship Manager 1
Commercial Relationship Manager 2
Commercial Relationship Manager 3
Commercial Relationship Manager 4
Commercial Relationship Management Manager 1
Commercial Relationship Management Manager 2
Commercial Relationship Management Manager 3
Commercial Relationship Management Manager 4
Loan Administrator 1
Loan Administrator 2
Loan Administrator 3
Loan Administration Manager 1
Loan Administration Manager 2
Loan Administration Manager 3
Loan Administration Manager 4
Commercial Business Development Representative
Commercial Business Development Sales Manager
Commercial National Business Development Manager
Loan Adjustor 1
Loan Adjustor 2
Loan Adjustor 3
Loan Adjustor 4
Loan Adjustment Manager 1
Loan Adjustment Manager 2
Loan Adjustment Manager 3
Loan Adjustment Manager 4


Credit Analyst 1
Credit Analyst 2
Credit Analyst 3
Credit Analysis Manager
Relationship Officer
Relationship Manager
Loan Processing Clerk 1
Loan Processing Clerk 2
Loan Processing Clerk 3
Loan Documentation Specialist 1
Loan Documentation Specialist 2
Loan Documentation Supervisor
Loan Documentation Manager 1
Loan Documentation Manager 2
Loan Service Clerk 1
Loan Service Clerk 2
Loan Service Clerk 3
Loan Service Specialist 1
Loan Service Supervisor
Loan Service Manager
Consumer Loan Processor
Consumer Loan Officer
Consumer Loans Collector 1
Consumer Loans Collector 2
Consumer Loan Manager
Major Loan Processor
Major Loan Officer 1
Major Loan Officer 2
Commercial Loan Officer 1
Commercial Loan Officer 2
Commercial Loan Officer 3
Underwriter 1
Underwriter 2
Underwriter - Commercial
Wholesale Lender
Private Financial Advisor
Escrow Assistant 1
Escrow Assistant 2
Escrow Assistant 3
Escrow Specialist 1
Escrow Officer 1
Escrow Officer 2
Escrow Area Manager
Title Assistant 1
Title Assistant 2
Title Assistant 3
Title Officer 1
Title Officer 2
Title Officer 3
Team Leader/Regional Manager (Business Banking)


Residential Loan Originator 1
Residential Loan Originator 2
Regional Residential Loan Manager
Real Estate Loans Collector 1
Real Estate Loans Collector 2
Real Estate Asset Manager 1
Real Estate Asset Manager 2
Real Estate Asset Manager 3
Real Estate Asset Manager 4
Real Estate Asset Manager 5
REO Asset Recovery Manager 1
REO Asset Recovery Manager 2
REO Supervisor
REO Manager 1
REO Manager 2


Mortgage Closing Specialist 1
Mortgage Closing Specialist 2
Mortgage Closing Specialist 3
Mortgage Loan Specialist 1
Mortgage Loan Specialist 2
Mortgage Loan Specialist 3
Mortgage Underwriter 1
Mortgage Underwriter 2
Mortgage Underwriter 3
Mortgage Underwriting Manager 1
Mortgage Underwriting Manager 2
Mortgage Specialist 1
Mortgage Specialist 2


SBA Banker 1
SBA Banker 2
SBA Banker 3
SBA Banking Manager
SBA Business Development Officer 1
SBA Business Development Officer 2
SBA District Sales Manager
SBA Regional Sales Manager
SBA National Sales Executive
SBA Lending Executive


Auto Remarketing Specialist 1
Auto Remarketing Specialist 2
Dealer Relationship Officer
Retail Underwriting/Flooring Manager
Installment Loan Manager
Lease Manager
Auto Finance Manager 1
Auto Finance Relations Manager 1
Auto Finance Relations Manager 2
Auto Finance Relations Manager 3
Auto Finance Relations Manager 4
Auto Remarketing Consultant 1
Auto Remarketing Consultant 2
Auto Release Representative
Auto Release Supervisor
Auto Release Manager
Auto Finance Sales Representative
Auto Internet Sales Representative
Dealer Retail Sales Representative 1


Electronic Funds Transfer Specialist 1
Electronic Funds Transfer Specialist 2
Electronic Funds Transfer Specialist 3
Electronic Funds Transfer Officer

Electronic Banking Processor 1
Electronic Banking Processor 2
Electronic Banking Processor 3
Wire Transfer Representative 1
Wire Transfer Representative 2
Wire Transfer Representative 3
Strategy Consultant 1
Strategy Consultant 2
Strategy Manager 1
Strategy Manager 2
Strategy Manager 3
Operations Manager 1
Operations Manager 2
Proof Operator
Proof Operator Specialist
Proof Operator Supervisor
Proof Operator Manager
Check Processing Clerk
Check Processing Specialist
Check Processing Supervisor
Check Processing Manager
Credit Card Processor 1
Credit Card Processor 2
Credit Card Supervisor
Credit Card Manager
Operations Supervisor 1
Operations Supervisor 2
ATM Maintenance Representative 1
ATM Maintenance Representative 2
Deposit Services Specialist
Deposit Services Supervisor
Deposit Services Manager


Portfolio Assistant
Portfolio Analyst/Trader 3
Senior Trader 3
Wholesale Distribution Sales Manager
Portfolio Manager 1
Portfolio Manager 2
Portfolio Director
Trading Director
Financial Associate
Financial Consultant
Actuarial Analyst
Individual Annuity Actuary
Group Annuity Actuary
Actuarial Services Manager
Customer Service Representative 1 - Annuities
Customer Service Representative 2 - Annuities
Customer Service Representative 3 - Annuities
Customer Service Manager - Annuities
Licensing Technician
Senior Licensing Technician
Lead Licensing Technician
Pension Analyst - Defined Benefit
Pension Specialist - Defined Benefit
Pension Manager - Defined Benefit
Defined Contribution Administration Officer 1
Defined Contribution Administration Specialist
Defined Contribution Administration Consultant
Defined Contribution Administration Manager


Actuarial Program Manager
Reinsurance Business Development
Reinsurance Actuary


Appraiser - Automobile 1
Appraiser - Automobile 2
Claims Representative 1
Claims Representative 2
Claims Representative 3
Claims Representative - Homeowners
Claims Specialist - Medical
Insurance Claims Supervisor
Claims Manager
Insurance Licensing Specialist 1
Insurance Licensing Specialist 2
Claims Examiner - Life 1
Claims Examiner - Life 2
Claims Examiner - Life 3
Claims Representative - Personal Injury
Adjuster 1
Adjuster 2
Insurance District Manager 1
Insurance District Manager 2
Insurance Account Assistant
Personal Lines Representative 1
Personal Lines Representative 2
Insurance Business Manager 1
Insurance Business Manager 2
Insurance Business Manager 3
Commercial Lines Representative 1
Commercial Lines Representative 2
Commercial Lines Representative 3
Group Benefits Representative 1
Group Benefits Representative 2
Group Benefits Representative 3
Insurance Marketing Specialist 1
Insurance Marketing Specialist 2
Insurance Bond Representative 1
Insurance Bond Representative 2
Loss Control Technician
Loss Control Consultant 1
Loss Control Consultant 2
Licensing Coordinator
Underwriter - Life 1
Underwriter - Life 2
Underwriter - Life 3
Insurance Brokerage Supervisor
Insurance Brokerage Manager 1
Insurance Brokerage Manager 2
Insurance Brokerage Manager 3
Insurance Brokerage Manager 4
Insurance Brokerage Manager 5
Policyholder Service Representative 1
Policyholder Service Representative 2
Insurance Service Representative 1
Insurance Service Representative 2
Insurance Service Representative 3
Insurance Service Representative 4
Insurance Service Representative 5
Agency Bond Specialist
Agency Surety Bond Specialist
Insurance Operations Supervisor
Insurance Assistant Risk Manager
Flood Services Assistant
Flood Sales Development Representative
Flood Service Business Development Manager


Regional Insurance Sales Manager 2
Regional Insurance Sales Manager 3
Insurance Sales Associate
Insurance Sales Representative
Telemarketing Consultant 1
Sales Representative - Personal Lines
Sales Representative - Commercial Lines
Sales Representative - Group Benefits
Sales Representative - Program Business
Sales Representative - Excess & Surplus Lines
Regional Insurance Sales Manager 1
Business Insurance Agent 1
District Insurance Sales Manager 1
District Insurance Sales Manager 2
District Insurance Sales Manager 3
TPA Customer Service Representative 1
TPA Customer Service Representative 2
TPA Client Account Manager
Sales Development Consultant 1
Sales Development Consultant 2
Sales Development Consultant 3
Sales Development Manager 1
Sales Development Manager 2
Insurance Division Sales Manager
Regional Life Sales Associate
District Life Specialist
Advanced Sales Consultant 1
Advanced Sales Consultant 2
Regional Life Manager



Chief Executive Officer
Administration/Operations Executive
Legal Executive/General Counsel
Real Estate Loan Executive
Chief Credit Officer
Finance Executive/CFO
Marketing Executive
Operations/Savings Executive
Chief Human Resources/Culture Officer
Information Technology Executive
Trust Executive
Lending Executive


Administrative Support 1
Administrative Support 2
Administrative Support 3
Executive Secretary/Administrator 2
Corporate Secretary
Administrative Assistant 1
Administrative Assistant 2
Administrative Assistant 3
Receptionist 2
Receptionist 3
Messenger/Mail Clerk 1
Mail Specialist
Records/Micrographics Technician
Records/Micrographics Supervisor


Human Resources Assistant 1
Human Resources Assistant 2
Human Resources Assistant 3
Human Resources Specialist
Payroll/Human Resources Administrator
Human Resources Representative/Generalist 2
Human Resources Representative/Generalist 3
Compensation Analyst 2
Compensation Manager
Compensation and Benefits Manager
Benefits Administrator
Benefits Manager
Training and Development Specialist 1
Training and Development Specialist 3
Training and Development Manager
HRIS Analyst
HRIS Manager
Human Resources Supervisor
Human Resources Manager 1
Human Resources Manager 2
Human Resources Director


Accounting Assistant 1
Accounting Assistant 2
Accounting Assistant 3
Accounting Specialist
Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Payroll Assistant 2
Payroll Assistant 3
Payroll Supervisor
Financial Analyst 1
Financial Analyst 2
Financial Analyst 3
Budget & Analysis Manager
Financial Reporting Specialist
General Accounting Supervisor
General Accounting Manager 1
General Accounting Manager 2
Controller, Corporate Level


Computer Operator 1
Computer Operator 2
Computer Operator 3
Computer Operator 4
Data Entry Operator 1
Data Entry Operator 2
Data Entry Operator 3
Data Center Coordinator
Data Center Manager
Computer Operations Supervisor
Computer Operations Manager
Network Systems Analyst/Engineer 2
Network Systems Analyst/Engineer 3
Network Engineering Manager
Telecommunications Technician 3
Telecommunications Technician 4
Telecommunications Supervisor
MIS/Help Desk Coordinator 1
MIS/Help Desk Coordinator 2
Applications Programmer/Analyst 1
Applications Programmer/Analyst 2
Applications Programmer/Analyst 3
Systems/Software Programming Manager
Systems Analyst 1
Systems Analyst 2
Systems Analyst 3
Systems Analysis Manager
Cloud Architect 3
Cloud Architect 4
Cloud Architect 5
Cloud Engineer 1
Cloud Engineer 2
Cloud Engineer 3
Cloud Engineer 4
Cloud Engineer 5
Scrum Master
Cyber Security Analyst 1
Cyber Security Analyst 2
Cyber Security Analyst 3
Cyber Security Analyst 4
Information/Cyber Security Director
Database Architect 3
Database Architect 4
Database Architect 5